For Supporters

API Atlas & Optic can give you powerful insights about your APIs and how they are used.

Internally this can be used for automatically generating documentation, making APIs more discoverable, and ensuring that every API call is updated whenever the APIs it depends on changes.

For a company that sells an API, publishing your API through API Atlas + Optic gives you the ability to push updates to all your consumers whenever your API updates.

For development tools builders, we can provide a graph documenting a project’s API and all the places it’s consumed. This graph can be piped into a documentation tool, used for code search, audited for security, used to generate code & many other other things we haven’t crossed out mind.

Supporting API Atlas

API Atlas is an open-source project and all our code and that of Optic is MIT licensed. There are a few ways to support API Atlas:

  • Incorporate our work into your products/projects: Real world usage is critically important for a project like this.
  • Donate man-hours: Want to help out? Need support for something right away? The easiest way is to have one of your engineers become a contributor
  • Provide financial backing: providing Optic with financial support enables us to throw more manpower behind the project & offer bounties for features that are important to your company.
  • Expertise: are you experts in code generation, static analysis, or another key technology? We’d appreciate your input and guidance.