APIs are the infrastructure that connects the world. The ecosystem has grown rapidly to a point where there is a public API for almost everything and sometimes hundreds of microservices at every company.

Today we’re mapping this ever-changing landscape with highly manual processes. Enormous effort goes into writing, updating and reading documentation — and even then we still have trouble getting our apps to connect. When we finally do get our apps talking to one another, the APIs change and we have to start all over.

We’re building the Google Maps for the world’s APIs. We think it’s critical to remove the manual work from the task of documenting APIs so we’re using Optic (YC S18) to automatically document the world’s APIs using static analysis.

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When fully realized API Atlas will power:

  • Automatic API documentation on every check-in
  • An easy way to discover and generate code to connect to any internal or 3rd-party API
  • Automatically generated Pull Requests to update your code whenever an API it depends on changes
  • Compile time feedback when you call an API incorrectly
  • [ Your tool, doing cool things! ]

All our code will be open-sourced under the MIT License.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with the project:

Become a Contributor - Help us develop an Optic Skills for your favorite API framework/s.

Become a Supporter - Back the project in a meaningful way: Donate man-hours, incorporate our work into your products, or provide financial backing for languages + frameworks you want supported.

Project Origin

API Atlas was started by Optic to concentrate and open-source our effort to train Optic on every major API framework and programming language. Our early users figured out how ot use Optic to make API discovery and syncing easier and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring these benefits to every developer who builds or consumes APIs.